About Susan Rios

Susan Rios Portrait

Susan Rios’ ability to evoke familiar feelings through her paintings is the hallmark of her work. A nationally renowned artist, Susan works with a palette of soft, warm colors, inviting viewers to step into a world where one tranquil moment can last an eternity.

Largely self-taught, Susan’s artistic potential was apparent even as a child. Her love of the outdoors inspired her to begin drawing scenes from nature. Today, she continues to find inspiration in the gentle-hearted beauty of everyday life.

Susan’s surroundings are reminiscent of the images she paints. Working from her  home-based studio nestled in the hills of La Cresenta, California. Her artwork reflects that coziness, drawing the viewer in for a stroll in the garden, a cup of tea, or a long overdue rest in a quiet place.

A professional artist for 30 years, Susan spent the early years of her career working as a floral designer. She soon discovered that blending flowers was similar to mixing colors on a palette. To this day, flowers are an ever-present motif in many of her paintings, as are other “favorite things” – wicker chairs,  pretty tablecloths, vintage china, jolly santas, bright-eyed children and cozy corners-the best things in life!

An active participant in causes that touch her heart, Susan devotedly supports charities and nationwide organizations including the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Saddleback Community Outreach, (Orange County, Ca), The Taylor Family Foundation, and Make a Wish Foundation.

Over the last quarter century, Susan’s work has attracted the attention of many noted collectors and celebrities who have added her paintings to their private collection such as Jane Seymour, Priscilla Presley, Britney Spears, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wilson, (of the Beach Boys), Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dern, Phyllis George, Ann Gillian, Sandy Duncan, Shelley Fabres, Andre Agassi, and Mrs. Walter Mathau.

When not painting, Susan has always loved making handmade gifts and jewelry. She loves creating special things for the special people in her life, things made with her own two hands, whether it be a pendant or a painted little quote hanging on beautiful ribbon for a friend in need of some inspriration. More and more she owuld here "where can I get one?" You can now find many of Susan's handmade treasures in her etsy shop. If you want to take a peek, here's the link to her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SusanRiosDesigns

As an artist, Susan is constantly meeting people who share her passion for art and seeing the beauty all around them. It occurred to her that people were missing the beauty that lies inside them and has recently begun teaching others through her cr8art workshops held at her studio. She absolutely loves it and is gearing up for her children's workshops which begin in early 2014!

The timeless, enduring beauty of her work continues to garner attention from art enthusiasts, young and old alike. The emotional impact of her paintings, however, is the most important element. As an artist, she says, that is her true reward.

To keep up with all that is going on, you can find Susan on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/susanriosart

With Love!